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Sarah's Approach

Making Sense of Your Story

Sarah works with individuals and couples integrating sound clinical practice with a biblical world view. She views counseling as a transformational process enabling her clients to grow and better connect with themselves, with others and with God. It is Sarah’s conviction that ultimately it is God’s healing presence in the midst of this process that redeems and restores wholeness. Sarah’s therapeutic approach varies based on her clients’ needs, combining best

clinical and spiritual practices.

Sarah’s views her clients’ challenges through the lens of attachment science–seeing early, formative relationships at the heart of relational patterns with self, others and God. With kindness, empathy and compassion, she guides her clients in understanding their life story more fully, which enables them to move forward in struggles, heal trauma and resolve grief. In this process, Sarah helps her clients to connect with their truest self, to quiet voices of shame and condemnation, and to receive and draw upon God’s love and grace in the midst of life’s challenges. In her work, Sarah combines the latest findings of neuroscience with timeless spiritual truth to bring hope for healing and growth at any age or life stage. 


We often don’t realize how much our own story impacts the way that we love our partners and parent our children. In her work with couples and parents, Sarah helps her clients to identify and crystallize key emotions that fuel unhelpful patterns and communication cycles. These key emotions stem from life stories, so therapy with couples and parents begins with understanding and bringing healing to these stories.  Sarah’s ultimate goal with every couple and parent is to help them create a safe place for deeper bonding in the marriage and family. 

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